Know you’re safe – is not enough. That is why we provide security reports to make sure you understand that your network is protected with the most advanced securities that are available. A ransomware attack which is most critical today is inevitable for a company that is unsure of its security posture. Organizations must first perform a software inventory on all systems to know what’s in their own environment. Understanding all existing assets and having strong control of configurations sets organizations up for stronger cyberdefense. Security, after all, is just reducing risk. An unpatched system is like a watering hole for attackers. If a hacker knows something about an organization’s systems before they do, attack deflection is hard, if not impossible. Part of enabling threat intelligence is relying on signature-based security solutions when attacks work around new technologies. Signatures can effectively “blacklist” a malware attack. But all of this leads organizations to the introduction of “pseudo ransomware,” according to Bourzikas. NotPetya, ransomware disguised as a wiper, differentiated itself from for-profit attacks and ones designed solely for destruction The moment organizations begin tending to their technical infrastructure after a cyber attack, it’s “like showing up after a bad car accident,” said Robert Anderson, principal at Chertoff Group, in an interview with CIO Dive. Tensions are running high, but it all boils down to a failure to incorporate people into cyberdefenses. In the end, it all boils down to “Train Your Employees”. Employees are your #1 defense to prevent ransomware attacks. There are free tools out there to start basic training. For advanced training and to make sure all your systems are patched and maintenaned, contact someone that has many years of experience in Networking and Security like Alpha Business Computers at 253.220.7569. #tacomaitsupport #tacomaitcompany #tacomanetworksecurity