Ransomware! How to defend against it?

“Ransomware is not preventable and small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable, according to the findings of a new survey by the software provider, Datto.” “The average attack is 10 times more costly to the business than the ransom itself. Antivirus software solutions are ineffective and businesses using Apple operating systems can be vulnerable as well. Not only have ransomware attacks increased in recent years, but the problem may even be bigger than we know, as many attacks go unreported. While every victim should notify all relevant parties — attorneys, insurance providers, FBI, etc. — not all are quick to follow that counsel.” The time to think differently is now — any sized businesses should plan for a ransomware attack. That way they are equipped to respond when it happens. There are immediate steps that companies should take to increase IT resilience and prevent against future attacks. End-user training, Intelligent endpoint protection, server, and workstation maintenance and an intelligent backup. Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) technology are the single most effective method for ransomware protection but employee training and education are the front lines of defense. Fill the form below to find out how to create BCDR and a front line defense.

  References: www.datto.com

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